Thursday, February 20, 2014

Deer, Robins, and A Very Quiet House

 Early this week, we had 7 deer come up to the house right below our windows.  Finding nothing real exciting to eat and seeing me in the window with camera in hand, they headed back into the woods.

 A protective kiss.

 Those 19+ inches of snow melted away with the warm temperatures we've had the last couple of days and the robins are already out in search of worms this morning.
The bluebirds are busy checking out their house and the mourning doves have been walking around below the feeders.  If it wasn't so dreary looking out there this morning, I would think it was Spring.  However, Old Man Winter isn't done with us yet.  I'm not sure if we'll get snow from Winter Storm Seneca, but RAIN is on the way!!
My sister and brother-in-law left for Ohio this morning.  They've been staying with us for a month, so there has been a lot of activity around here.  It's now very quiet and poor Jake is looking a little sad.  I will have to give him some special attention today.  Casey and Amanda will arrive on Saturday (happy! happy!) for a 4 day stay, so things will pick up again real soon.  
I hope Winter Storm Seneca is not too hard on your area.    

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Jan said...

Always a pleasure to see these creatures around. Have a wonderful visit with your family! Hope the weather doesn't hit you too hard.