Sunday, December 15, 2013

My hopes to make a trip to Ohio before Christmas turned out to be just that ~ hopes.  Too much to do, too little time.  I know you understand that. We both have piles in the same places and little time to move them elsewhere. Just be sure to clean off my bed after the Holidays so I'll have somewhere to sleep once I do get there.
Gosh, Holly, I'm thinking it was 1986 when we met at RDW's ~ 27 years ago.  You have become a very good friend over the years.  We've shared some sorrows and some laughs.  Thank goodness, the laughter wins out ~ we seem to do a lot of that when we get together.  Laughter is good medicine.  So, that's what I wish for you today and in the coming year ~ a lot of laughter.  I hope to share some of it with you.
Sending love and hugs to you today, my friend.
Happy Happy Birthday, Holly!!

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