Thursday, September 26, 2013

Goodbye Sweet Anne

Rest in Peace
 Anne Huskey Lockard

And all will pass...
...too fast.
It is gone.

~Photo and words by Anne~

Anne, you won't be wielding that scythe any longer... your path to stunning skies, abundant beautiful flowers, and colors we can't imagine, has been cleared for you.  Your days now will be filled with joy and free from pain. I am blessed to have known you ~ the vision of you riding your beloved John Deere, scythe in one hand, camera in the other will stay with me forever.  I love you, dear friend.


Georgina said...

I'm so filled with sadness, but I know we'll all be together one day. Now we have our own personal "bad-ass" angel up there, Audrey...ya know she's looking out for her "posse."


Linda Wildenstein said...

so sorry for your loss, I know Anne was loved by so many. Oma Linda

Corrine at said...

Oh this makes me so sad too....what a fight she put up, Gary must be so devastated....Big loss to this community.....xox

Deborah said...

Lovelovelove ♥ Just Big Love. The void left is actually audible. Wait...I can still hear her laugh.


Lynn Devine McDonald said...

I miss her so much Pam. What a spirit!! The 1st photo was from a show we did together a few years back, there were 3 of us. She looked so glamorous!!!
Best, Lynn