Friday, August 16, 2013

Fun in Vegas

I never knew you could have so much fun in Vegas without really being there!!!

This is Terry's Billiards Team out in Vegas this week.  They won the league and as a result were sent to Vegas for Nationals.  Terry has been to Vegas several times so he opted to not go, giving the guys a little more $$.
They posted this photo on facebook today.  While celebrating their first night in Vegas... notice Terry is with them.  They shipped a cardboard cutout of Terry out there so he could be in all the photos with them.  
Terry doesn't have a facebook account, so they are posting the photos to my account.  Terry was quite surprised when I showed this to him this morning. How cool!  What a great (and thoughtful) bunch of guys!
Congratulations Awful Arthur's team, AWFULLY TRICKY!!  I know you'll have fun in Vegas ~ I hope you do well in your matches!!!

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Amanda said...

hahaha i thought that was so clever!!