Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Bluebird Brood For This Year

 You can barely see the little ones ~ still too small for much activity.
 Checking in.

 A snack for the babies.
 I'm pretty sure that glare is telling me to back off.  I'll check back in a couple of days.


Marion said...

Congratulations on your baby birds! I have five Bluebird houses and only two are occupied. But one has five eggs in it. I can't wait for the babies to hatch. xo

Deborah said...

How exciting to have all that going on in your own yard! I get very excited about my hummingbirds, and even Mr. Roadrunner, who thinks my front sidewalk is HIS. In all fairness, he was here first!


Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Oh how exciting. Love the bluebirds we have round here. Not sure where they nest but they are all over my neighbors pastures....so wonderful to see their brilliant blue...A hug abundance of birds this year, don't you think? xox