Saturday, September 29, 2012

Missing My Bro

Two years ago today you left us, Bro.  I still cry when I think about never seeing you again.  I hold you close in my heart with the memories of all the time we spent together.  I think you know how much I cherish those memories.  My fondest ~ all the laughs we shared.  All those nights we talked, you sure could make me laugh ~ loud and hard.  God, I miss that.  This photo was taken at Smith Mountain Lake.  We took a quick ride up there to look around.  I remember our walk through the art gallery and how amazed you were at all the talent hanging on those walls.  We walked down to the Lake, watched the fish jumping in the water, and enjoyed the beauty all around us.  
Today, I need to ask you to watch over our sister, Patty.  She is in the hospital with Pancreatitis ~ the same condition that took you from us.  Her case is not as severe as yours was, but she still needs our prayers so she can recover from this quickly and get back to better health.  I truly believe you hear me and you will do what you can.  I love you, bro. ♥  


Deborah said...

Sending you all my love and prayers. I have often thought about how increasing more important our siblings become as we age; they are the only ones who share our early history, our beginnings. Big Love, Deb

Silke said...

I'm thinking of you and your family, Audrey, adn am sending much love your way!! Silke