Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wind Storm

 We had a terrible wind storm Friday night around 9:00 that took down many trees and left many without power.  We were without electricity for about 3-1/2 ~ 4 hours.  Inconvenient?  Yes.  But, I kept thinking about those people in flood areas and the people in Colorado who have lost their homes to the fires.  No power for a few hours was nothing in comparison.
I took these photos on my way to church last evening.  This is all in a short drive from my house.  Just about every home has a pile of debris or some branches in their yard.  Yesterday morning, I was driving around Roanoke and there were trees down EVERYWHERE ~ large old trees had snapped and branches were scattered about.  The wind even ripped some of the siding off of our house.  It was fierce.  I cannot begin to imagine what kind of damage a tornado would do.
The temperature has been brutal for days.  Much of the country is experiencing this heat and unfortunately along with the heat come storms.  I sure hope July will be give us more comfortable temperatures.

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Linda Wildenstein said...

The natural occurances of fire, water and wind are just so powerful. We complacently think we are in charge of all that we are a part of.....uh not. Be careful, stay cool and be well.
We made cookies on the dashboard of my car yesterday it was so we made some fun out of it. xoxo Oma Linda