Friday, April 20, 2012


Finally!!  Casey and Amanda arrived last evening.  They were here in December for a short while, but that seems like SO long ago.  They are staying till Tuesday and I fully intend to spend every minute possible with them.  I could go down to SC anytime to be with them, but with Mom's spinal stenosis pain, travel could be uncomfortable.
Casey has some business to tend to today, so Amanda and I are going off to lunch and to a couple of our favorite places this afternoon.  Mom is happily going to stay home with Jake.  They have formed a special bond and I love seeing them on Mom's favorite chair together.
I am really looking forward to a fun day.  I hope everyone has something fun on their agenda today!


Anonymous said...

So glad for you that they are there safely. Enjoy every minute and make some special memories together. Hugs to all.......Pat E.

Deborah said...

**happy dance** Enjoy! I don't know how I have gotten so far behind in my visits to everyone. Must be the unpacking. **kisses** Deb