Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Short Memorable Visit

Below are just a few highlights from my quick trip to Ohio.  John Sokol's show in Akron was outstanding ~ I'm so happy I had the opportunity to attend.  

After 5 hours on the road, I am always happy to see this sign which leaves me with about 2 hours more before reaching my destination.
A lot of art around the Akron area makes for a colorful city.

Not sure what this was all about, but these colorful art banners hanging from this parking garage caught my attention.

More Akron color.

I stayed with my good friend, Holly, and she attended John's  show, Washing the River/New Drawings, with me.  We had an enjoyable evening.

John and I after he signed two prints I had purchased earlier this year.  It was great to see him again after a couple of years.

John with his drawing, Fleurs du mal, which I purchased.  There were 45 wonderful drawings ~ it was not an easy choice.
A closer look at Fleurs du mal ~ 13.5" x 17" ~ alcohol, laundry soap, coffee, and ink on Canson Aquarelle.Saying goodbye until we meet again.
There was a quilt show going on in the Summit Artspace the same night as John's show, so Holly and I popped in there, too.  This is Connie Bloom, Quilt Artist.  She is a fun and friendly lady who  makes beautiful quilt art.

A very large piece made by Don Drumm.  It is installed at the Akron Children's Hospital.  Click to enlarge to see the detail.  Notice the children under the bird's wing.
This is Holly's beautiful daughter with one of her loves ~ Agnes.

This is Boris ~ her other love!

Holly and I visited Plant Et Art, a wonderful little shop in my hometown of Canton, Ohio.  Deloris Angeli opened the doors 20 years ago.  It is one of my favorite places to visit ~ locally-focused eclectic mix of art, jewelry, plants, gift items, some consignment, and a bit of vintage clothing.  Plant Et Art is a happy place that makes you want to stay once you're inside. Deloris has a personality to match.

Holly gave me this box of candy.  It is made by Fannie May ~ Artisan by Norman Love, internationally acclaimed pastry chef and Chocolatier.  It is 
definitely art in a box and very tasty with flavors such as Lemonade, Candy Apple, and Double Shot Espresso. YUM!

This is the car when I arrived back home in Virginia.  One of my goals was to return with items for my consignment space. Mission accomplished!  It's a good thing I took Terry's vehicle.  I don't think all this stuff would have fit in my VW Beetle.
I apologize for the mess this post is.  Blogger would not allow me to place the photos where I wanted them and I couldn't post descriptions under some of the photos. 
The large sun in the middle is another piece done by Don Drumm. It is hanging in one of the halls of the Summit Artspace.  I would love it even more if it were in my kitchen!  


elena nuez said...

Audrey thanks for this amazing trip,
love it!!!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Fantastic art tour. I cannot believe how much stuff you can get in that car!!!! Glad you had a wonderful time. xox

Deborah said...

Ooooooo looks like a fantastic trip! The first impression rose goes to the pups! Such silly, yet adorable faces. **kisses** Deb

PeregrineBlue said...

what a fun fun fun post audrey. so many interesting art tidbits. i love those banners hanging from the parking lot. i would have gone up to see what they were all about.

i see you are an avid art collector as i am. i have a few by cathy cullis, a couple by joanna pierotti, two by rick beerhorst, and have my heart set on something by sweet bestiary and elsita mora. you must check them out.

i am still on the pc at this hour and saw your comment. i am participating in the prayer flag project as a collaborator so had to post my latest flag on the blog.

thank you for your kind words. you can still follow me on flickr under peregrine blue where it will be easier for me to post.

my new address: 2166 foster ave.
in the city of san buenaventura,
california 93001. hope you send me something you've made since i've always been curious.