Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Thought for Wednesday

Love freely, love deeply, love purely.  Love yourself the way you've always wanted to be loved, and love others the same way.  Love well, love often.  Find it in your heart to love those who have never shown you love ~ for they need it most of all.  Give so much love that you're certain to get some back.  Open your heart to the woman who lives on the sidewalk with her two daughters.  Love her.  Have compassion for the man who fired you from the job you loved most of all.  Love him.  Love all the Earth has to offer ~ her people, her birds, her stones, insects, trees, mice, and oceans.  Love something ~ anything! ~ with a passion.  Love something larger than yourself.  Call it Goddess, call it God, call it Nature, call it Divine, call it Source, call it Betty.  Call it Love.

~Rachel Snyder
~Photo from The Little Big Book of Love

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Linda in New Mexico said...

This post was a bop on the nose for me. I needed it. It's easy to love those who love us, much tougher to love those that are our "enemy". Thanks dear one for this well placed love poke. Oma Linda