Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Thought for Monday

My sweetheart
a long time
I have been waiting for you
to come over
where I am.

~Chippewa Song
~Photo from The Little Big Book of Love


PeregrineBlue said...

what a lovely romantic image. sorry i don't stop by as often as i should but i'm always up to something, as in creating or thinking up what to make next.

valentine's day was a very very special day for me and richard. you should see the one majestic flower he brought me. i too photos and will be posting sometime today.

you are always in my thoughts.

i'm thinking of having a blog giveaway soon. which of my pieces should i give away? which one has struck you most? i always like to have giveaways, it makes me happy to make someone happy.

PeregrineBlue said...

oh by the way, i downloaded it to use in a future project. i hope you don't mind.