Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Pleasant Surprise

A couple of years ago, my sweet neighbor, Edith, gave me a few cacti to plant in the yard. I never knew you could plant cacti in an area that had freezing temperatures in the Winter. I have always liked cacti, so I was happy to plant them. When I saw how they dried up and looked rather pathetic during the Winter months, I figured they were goners. Much to my surprise, when Spring arrived they perked up and had new growth all over them. In late May, I noticed this different looking growth on one of them and hoped it could possibly be a flower. Sure enough! The other day it opened up to this beautiful yellow flower. What a pleasant surprise!

The Easter Lilies were late this year. They just opened up this week. These large beautiful white blooms were worth the wait.

These lilies began to bloom a few weeks ago. So pretty!

How wonderful that a few lovely flowers can bring such happiness into our lives.


yoborobo said...

What a gorgeous bloom! I love cacti, too. And I agree completely - nothing improves my mood as quickly as seeing something growing in my garden. That and a glass of wine - LOL!! xo Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the cactus flower!!! I knew a place here with a huge bunch of cactus. It was winter and they looked deader than a doornail. Come spring, they were green and blooming! How I wish I had gotten a start!
Lovely photos!!!


Linda in New Mexico said...

Cactus are really hardy plants. Everyone thinks that we (in New Mexico) are so very warm but at 5200 ft above sea level we hard freeze. There are all kinds of cacti that look horrible in the winter and early spring and are gorgeous in late spring early summer. You should see the cow's tongue cactus blooming now. Gorgeous.
Your garden is always such a delight. Thanks for sharing. Linda

Tournesol said...

Just beautiful, love the cactus flower!