Friday, June 3, 2011

Mixed Media Tree

I managed to take some time for myself the last couple of days and worked on this small 8 x 8 canvas. I wasn't sure where I was headed with this ~ like a lot of my art, it ended up being a tree. I added beads to this to give it a little zip and I put a light yellow/gold shimmer wash over it. Unfortunately, you can't see the shimmer even in the closeup. The painting actually looks rather dull in this photo ~ it is much brighter than this. No matter. It was relaxing and it got me back into the painting mode.


bicocacolors said...

Wow Audrey I loooooove it!!!
Bravo bravo bravo,

I wish you a happy weekend!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Trees hold so many stories they have been around so long. You seem to me to be a keeper of stories too, maybe that's why trees resonate for you? I love your beaded celebration of the tree. xox Corrine

yoborobo said...

Yay, trees! I think trees are pretty wonderful, and yours is lovely! My mom loves paintings of trees. She always used to say they were like windows. :) Xox Pam

PS It has cooled off here A LOT!

Jan said...

Good work Audrey! I love it, trees are ever changing so always worthy of art and admiration. I was going to ask about the dots along the edges of the green branched but finally realized those are the beads. Very cool effect. I'm glad you are finding time for this aspect of your art again. Have you begun another yet? Keep it up, be on a roll!

Deborah said...

Oh Audrey! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Yes to the beads! **kisskiss** Deb

indira lakhsmita said...

Hello FF :)

i always love trees, my lover was once a tree along time ago :D
i dont know how you do this painting, did you know that i can not paint????

learn me how to paint!

indira lakhsmita said...

xxoo, ive missed you!