Saturday, April 16, 2011

Water, Water, Everywhere

Yesterday was a gorgeous, sunny day. This morning we woke to dark cloudy skies, gloom, and rain AGAIN! It has rained most of the day, very hard at times. We have flood warnings in our area and many severe storms have been going on around us. Tornadoes have touched down in North and South Carolina and it's not over yet. There are tornado warnings all over the place. I tend to glue myself to the Weather Channel when severe storms are in our area or the Carolinas. The wind has picked up here, but the rain has stopped now. North Carolina is getting battered right now with a tornado racing through the Raleigh area. I will be happy when this is over. Stay safe, everyone.


pinkglitterfae said...

it was absolutely sunny and gorgeous all of last week, then turned cold, gloomy, with extremely high winds all of yesterday. Lots of rain too. You'd think we were in the same area of the country, but I am in Canada.
Crazy weather isn't it? Stay safe, and find something fun to do while you are stuck indoors.

Linda in New Mexico said...

We had the winds that ended up being the tornadic events here but we don't have the moisture to pull it up into the clouds....our's were just straight on 75mph gusts, with constant 40mph for over 4 hours. Everything I planted thus far just dried out and are dead now. This is bizarre weather indeed. Linda
vert word: clenimi I asked the kids to help clenimi the house today. It looks better now.

Jan said...

Try to look on the bright side: at least your newly planted trees are being well watered in. If the wind didn't knock them over, that is. Stay safe, Audrey.

PeregrineBlue said...

but i do love the rain, probably becasue i don't get much of it here. i prefer a rainy day to a cloudy gloomy day anytime and we get a lot of gloom in the winter here and hardly any rain. i love that you photographed a rain puddle, i love puddles.

oh, and i'm not spooked anymore

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I am glad you are okay. Weather was crazy and so damaging. We got the rain but no lightening or tornados. Now everything looks super green and the plants are flonging themselves from the ground. xox Corrine

prasad said...

No one can do anything against (stop) these storms unless we do not cut trees, use of petroleum products have to be decrease, use of power should be decrease and control of population. If these are maintained perfectly i can say strongly we can decrease (control) these storms, cyclones and other natures disasters.