Thursday, April 28, 2011

Disturbing Weather

I am very tired this morning. I didn't go to bed till about 3:30 because I was glued to the weather channel. We had several storms move through our area and we were under a tornado warning. Those wicked storms deep in the south were moving our way and I could only hope they would weaken along their route. I couldn't keep the peepers open any longer, so I gave in and turned it off and went to bed. Fortunately, all is well here. The devastation in the states that were hit with tornadoes yesterday and last night is sad and horrible. I am so grateful that our storms were minimal. It is hard to imagine what lies ahead for the people who lost their homes and their businesses. There are no words to console those who lost loved ones ~ 213 deaths in five states. It seems there is more disturbing weather to come today ~ I hope things will calm down after that. This makes me very nervous because my son will be traveling to Mississippi over the weekend on a business trip.
Tornado season has roared into our lives this year. I pray the worst is over.
Mother Nature has certainly become angry over the years. I don't remember these terrible weather patterns when I was growing up. In the summers, there would be one or two thunder storms. There was little lightning. We would walk in the rain and play in the puddles along the road. These days, if it rains, there is terrible lightning, and there is almost always a tornado warning somewhere. Just one of the many changes that have taken place over the years.
Be safe.


Marion said...

I've never seen such wicked weather in all my life and I've lived through 3 tornadoes and 5 hurricanes. My daughter in Chattanooga had a tree fall on their deck and, thankfully, that was the only damage they suffered. My heart goes out to the people of Tuscaloosa, Alabama where over 30 people were killed from a mile-wide tornado. I'm glad y'all are okay.

Love & Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Northeast Pennsylvania having tornadoes??? Why??? We never had them in all my nearly 60 years....
The storms skitterd all around us but the tornados missed us.... I am feeling VERY thankful!!

Ces said...

The news of the devastation is horrifying. and disastrous. Too many lives lost and homes destroyed. It also seems that the states are coping by themselves because Obama has not declared these places as disaster areas mostly because it is the south and conservative. maybe after he finishes his fund-raising visit with Oprah he might think about it. The people need help.

Ces said...

oh btw, my past only sounds exciting in print! The truth is, it was rural, provincial and remote. Electricity was only available to homes from 6PM until 7AM and mostly to provide light. One of the things my fellow nurses and I found exciting was riding a bicycle or motorcycle, oh but we had so much fun. Oh my gosh. We were wild and reckless. Hahah!

audrey said...

***Marion, thank God your daughter is ok and they had no further damage. You had to be worried sick. Let's hope the worst is over.
3 tornadoes and 5 hurricanes, Marion? I hope your severe weather days are over.

***Marilyn, yes, I know what you mean. When I lived in Ohio, tornado warnings were expected and not unusual. Since living in Virginia, we have had few warnings. But each year, we seem to be getting more.
The winters are getting worse and the Spring/Summer storms are getting more violent. All we can do is hope for the best.
Stay safe, Marilyn.

audrey said...

***Ces, when you compare what we did back in the day with what kids are doing today, I'd say our "fun" was pretty mild.
Rural or not, you managed to bring excitement into everything you did. I certainly enjoy reading about it.

Linda in New Mexico said...

I hope you will continue to be safe. I also pray that those that aren't will be comforted.
We don't tend to get tornadoes here in NM, we do but not many because we don't have the moisture needed for the tornadic recipe. We do however have straight on winds. Ours of course come just days before horrible weather for you. Yesterday, I went to the kids school for a program and it was blowing a steady 45 mph with gusts to 65. Kids had trouble standing up. Sorry, looks like your weekend will be windy. XOXO The Olde Bagg

audrey said...

***Linda, the winds have already arrived. It started last night and it is really blowing. I am watching the trees we just planted bending just a little bit more to the right than I'm comfortable with. (The stakes are bending right along with the trees). However, I can live with this wind ~ I don't want anything more coming out of the sky.

Jan said...

Glad you are safe. I can hardly believe the news this morning. I can't seem to open my email so I can't check that to see how my friends are doing. I'm checking my friends blogs instead. Stay safe, you all!

audrey said...

***Thanks, Jan. We are fine here. I hope our friends elsewhere in Blogland are all doing ok. How nice it is to know we have friends throughout the country showing concern for each other.

Ces said...

Nooooooooooo!!! He paid a lot for it. Lots of zeros, if you know what I mean.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Stay safe too. This is some year for devastation, I couldn't believe what was happening in Alabama this morning, those poor folks who have lost everything and then some, Just the sheer number of tornadoes was incredible. We have angered Mother Earth and she is retaliating. xox Corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

To clear up Ces's comment, Alabama has already been declared a disaster area. Assessments have to be made by local management, the governers generally have input and then it goes up the chain.
It has nothing to do with a State voting one way or the other (which is really a callous remark with as many as have died, I mean, give it a rest!)--there is a protocol that is followed.
I think compassion and funding from all of us to those who have lost loved ones and all their possessions is the letter of the day.
Weather patterns flux; sometimes Indiana goes for 10-20 years without major damage and then will be flattened (thinking the Palm Sunday Tornado of 1964, I believe).
And again, the year that Xenia Ohio was wiped off the map~~the sky was green here.
This is just a time to care for those who are hurting, and keep our eyes to the skies.


audrey said...

***Corrine, I think you are probably right. We have done much to harm the earth and its atmosphere. If I were Mother Nature, I'd be livid!

***Anne, you are right, too. For those of us who can't physically be in the needed areas to help, we need to send donations. If nothing else, we need to pray for the people who need help.
"There but for the grace of God, go I."

PeregrineBlue said...

things are weird here too. april has never been colder and today i was scared when a sudden wind staretd to shake evrything on my porch including my favorite otter wind chime that suddenly swayed and tossed. for a moment i thought it would bang against one of the posts and actually break. it almost felt like another earthquake coming. we are constantly at the mercy of nature which is so tied into God. my daughter has an amazing philosophy about "all has its time". yet we cling to life, don't we, the older we get, we just want everything to be alright. but it just doesn't work taht way, does it?