Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Taste of Spring

I know it doesn't look much like Spring when looking at these snow topped mountains, but the temperature today was outstanding for the end of January. With so many people still digging out from the last big snowstorm, we were certainly blessed here in the Roanoke Valley. The storm missed us and we haven't seen much snow this Winter. I love seeing the mountains with that little touch of snow leftover from our last snowfall.

It was a pleasant day to walk the yard with the temperature warm enough to be out without a coat or jacket. The birds had a lot of fun playing in the trees and feasting on the food I have out for them. As much as I love Winter, I must admit this Springlike day made me yearn for the real thing. Soon. The finches don't normally let me get very close. This guy was the exception. It almost seemed like he was posing for me.
It was a glorious Sunday.


dosfishes said...

Love the shots of Spring, especially with more snow and storm on the way. We have lots of finches here and they are such a bright spot in the garden. Great photos. xox Corrine

Linda in New Mexico said...

Your photos make me hopeful for spring. The bird does look like he was posing for sure.
Thanks for your love and support today for GK. I will let you know how it goes. TOB, Linda

yoborobo said...

Beautiful photos, Audrey. How DO you get these pictures of birds? Do you sneak up on them? :) xox Pam

Amanda said...

i LOVE BIRDS..these are great close ups..pure beauties and great pictures...xoxoxoo

Jan said...

Spring is definitely stirring here, always welcome. The red wing black birds are here, but it will be awhile before we see any gold finches. It is a sunny day here, I hope you are having some mild weather there and not the big blizzard.