Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It is still January 25th here, but in Indonesia it is January 26th ~ a very special day! In the land of Indonesia
they sing and dance today.
There's a special celebration
that makes them swing and sway.
An illustrator who lives there
has a heart filled with dreams.
When she manages to fulfill them
her face lights up and beams.
Today is her BIRTHDAY
a special day indeed.
I'm gathering special wishes
and sending them Godspeed.
Happy Birthday dear Mita, my beautiful witch friend.
My wish for you is this ~ that this year will be filled with special things ~ love, friendship, joy, special surprises, adventure, and much success in all you do.
love.... audrey


Sympathy for The Devil said...


Sympathy for The Devil said...

i right-click-and-save the drawing if thats okay???

Sympathy for The Devil said...

the witch is sooo beautiful! :D
i dont think im that beautiful!

thank you so much for this!!!!

Sympathy for The Devil said...

you're so lovely, you know that!

kisses hugs im so happy today!

Marlene said...

love the witch and happy birthday to Mita.

Jan said...

Happy birthday to the beautiful witch.

Linda in New Mexico said...

The witch is gorgeous and I'm sure you witchy friend is thrilled with you best birthday wishes. TOB

Emelie said...

I am way behind, a belated birthday wish for you and many more. I enjoyed your sky photos, and the one with the dark tree sort of mimicks the sky with the flow of the branches so pretty to me.

I enjoyed your snowflakes also, the bunches kept giving me the word collision then I looked at them. Very good photos, one could feel the sharpness of the flakes on a gentle cheek.

Amanda said...

happy wishes to your witch friend Mita!!!