Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

I've been feeling somewhat blue and a bit overwhelmed with all the things that have transpired. I've lost six friends and family this year ~ I keep thinking about all of them and the fact that they are gone forever ~ taken with hardly enough time to prepare.
I've put most of my energy into my consignment space, keeping Mom busy, and trying to get caught up with so many things that have piled up ~ literally. My desk has a mountain of paperwork on it and there are things on every surface available in there. Now I'm faced with the Holidays and all that comes with them. Suddenly, I'm tired and I feel like a scrunched up heap in this chair.
I think I've masked my sorrow with daily tasking. I seem to have so much to do and I'm running day and night to get it all done and yet I feel like I'm not accomplishing anything. That "zip" that keeps me going most of the time is not there. I've just been going through the motions.
I'm not sure what made me realize these things. It just dawned on me that I am running in circles and not really doing anything. I need to snap out of it and get back to normalcy. Since I now realize what I've been doing, I think I'll do better.
I've heard so often how hard it is to get through the Holidays after the loss of loved ones. I am looking forward to being with my family. I want to be with them and hold them close.
One thing I am thankful for this year is you, my friends. Getting to know you better over time has been delightful. I wish you all a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.
♥ audrey


Linda in New Mexico said...

I've never walked in your mocassins dear one, but I have had my own trials that I have lived through and this time of year is so difficult. It just is. Family and friend who are no longer take some of the shine off of our lives. You are such a darling one, give yourself the gift of time and love what you have around you. That's my own formula. Doesn't mean it is a quick cure, just a loving thought for you. Happy Thanksgiving, The Olde Bagg, Linda

martinealison said...

Je vous souhaite d'aller mieux et de passer d'excellentes fêtes... la vie continue malgré tout... j'ai perdu ma meilleure amie, elle me manque terriblement. Lorsque le manque est trop important j'essaie de faire des choses qu'elle aurait aimé que nous fassions ensemble. Ainsi je la sens plus proche de moi et j'ai moins mal...

Terra said...

Hi Audrey, you have had a very rough year, and you are doing so much and keeping very busy; perhaps you can find a way to rest and nourish yourself. This is a rough year in some ways at my house too, and I send you a hug with this comment.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Audrey,
Sooo sorry to hear you've lost so many friends and family members this year.

Its ok to feel blue and miss these people, they were a big part in your life!
Big hugs,

Manon Doyle said...

That's so much loss, Audrey. Be good to yourself and let yourself grieve. You will get back to a good place in time.
Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!!

Amanda said...

what nice blog friends you have audrey!! yes i agree with all of them, take time for yourself because we want YOU to be healthy and happy this time of year and for many more...love you and are with you everyday thinking about you and praying that you get through this tough time love you very much xoxo amanda

Jan said...

Dear Audrey, I have wondered how you are doing and have been a bit worried. Life can be overwhelming at times, please take care of yourself and take time for grieving, you need it.♥

Deborah said...

Oh Audrey, be easy on yourself. There are no rules for grieving loss. But they are not gone forever; they still exist, just not in time and space, where we live, but in eternity. One day you shall be together again, sitting at The Great Banquet. For now, the living live as well as we can. I am thankful for having met you this year and happy to call you friend. Love, Deb

Sympathy for The Devil said...

Hello Fairy Fish :)

last year when i felt so really blue i decided to do this illustration thing (which is something that ive never done before).
It helps me alot cos ive been learning something new ever since, it's like some way to keep me "busy".
But it's okay to feel sad some time, i'll let myself enjoy it alone in the garden :))

take yourself Fairy Fish, kisses hugs!

Sympathy for The Devil said...

*take care

yoborobo said...

Oh, Audrey - that is just so much loss. No wonder you are just going through the motions; you are shell shocked. I know that time will make it easier, and that you will get your zip back and be a creative happy bee once again. Until then, be kind to yourself, and pamper you. I am thankful to have made your friendship this year. Sending you big Thanksgiving hugs! xoxo Pam