Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nest News

I won't bore you with more nest pictures, but I wanted to share this. For the last couple of days I have been watching Momma Bluebird going in and out of the Bluebird house. I looked in there today. Would you believe she has already built anther complete nest? It is very large and comfortable looking. Another brood coming along? Could this be the same Momma Bluebird preparing again so soon? Maybe this time I will get to see the little ones leave the nest. I will keep you posted! The picture is from the internet ~ just an attention getter. (:


Jan said...

Cool! I know my starlings will produce 2 broods per season, why not bluebirds? Keep us posted.

audrey said...

I checked on the internet after I wrote the post. Surprisingly, bluebirds can have 3 to 4 broods a season. Very interesting.

Amalia K said...

Hello Audrey :)

It was nice seeing you again over at my place. I hope you're feeling better nowadays? You know, I always love coming here to watch your birds. They look so happy and free. (^_^)

Please take care of yourself. I hope I'll see you around? (hugs)

Anonymous said...

Wow...We are watching a Momma Robin in a nest she put in our Climbing Hydrangea right along the walkway but she has gotten used to us!!
Have a Wonderful Day!

lakhsmita indira said...

thank you for your comment on Ces's blog, Fairy Fish!!!!!!!!
you are sweeeeeeeeeeeetttt!!!! :))
how are you today?

say hello to Momma Bluebird, hehe :D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

My robins come back again and again to the same very well could be the same ones!
I love nest photos.....have one I am going to try and post later in the week--it was a find!


Marlene said...

Exciting Audrey, hope she has more babies for you to watch.