Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fun Photos This Week

Our neighbors planted a small Mimosa tree last Fall. I was very surprised to see all the blooms on it this year. So pretty.

This very, very large tree is in my neighborhood. I love seeing it ~ the texture is wonderful ~ it looks like lattice work.

The sweetpeas are growing wild in the woods down from our house. There are many of them and they are so pretty.

This cardinal seems to be thinking "Good morning world! Here I come!"

I spotted this little one last evening. He was so busy eating, he wouldn't take the time to look up. By the time he did look up, it was too dark to get a good shot of him.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

All the photos are great, but the one that immediately struck me was the Mimosa. When I was dating an undertaker in Virginia, well, there was a story that went with the Mimosas! Now there's no undertaker (thank God!) but I do still love those trees.
Which proves our REAL LOVES are in this beautiful earth! :)


Linda in New Mexico said...

Darling girl...that big ole tree is magickal. How wonderful the shapes, textures and veining are. What kind of tree is it, do you know?
Fabu as always.

lakhsmita indira said...

ohhh, yes, good morning Fairy Fish, here i come!!!! :D

i like that large tree... what kind of tree is it?

audrey said...

I am going to have to find out what kind of tree it is. I never paid much attention because I am always so busy looking at the gorgeous trunk! It is magical for sure!!
I wish it was morning here, Mita. I still have much to do and it is getting late. What will you be doing today?

yoborobo said...

Hi Audrey! I love mimosa trees. When I was a little girl (growing up in Texas) I used to pick the blossoms and pretend they were ballerinas. You hold them by the stem and twirl them! lol! Nice memories. :) xox - Pam

Marlene said...

Beautiful photos, the mimosa is glorious. I love the tree trunk also, As large as it appears it must be a very old tree.
(Glad to have our Robins home and in their nests).

Deborah said...

OOoooooooo the Mimosa tree!!! How beautiful. Excellent shot. I, too, love the texture of the tree trunk. Very interesting. **kisses** Deb

Jan said...

Lovely! Your photos are always a pleasure to behold. The mimosa resembles a powderpuff, but I like Pam's memory of them too. If you share a photo of the leaves on the big tree, one of us might recognize the species.

lakhsmita indira said...

drawing Fairy Fish, drawing... :)
hello good morning to you.
coffee? tea?

oh, im late...

audrey said...

Hello Mita!! What are you drawing this morning? Are you still working on the covers?