Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crimson King Maple

I am doing the "happy dance"! Ever since we built this house in 2006, I have envisioned a tree in the front yard close to the bird bath. It finally became a reality. I ordered this tree almost 2 months ago - a Crimson King Maple - it arrived and was planted on Tuesday of this week. I LOVE it!! I think the green/purple leaves will be a nice contrast to the green leaves on all the other trees around. The birds have discovered it and are flying back and forth from the tree to the birdbath most of the day. My camera is tired from taking pictures. The landscapers went to a tree farm in NC to pick it up. It looks to have a little bit of windburn and I think it is in shock from the move, but next Spring it should perk up with new leaves and be quite happy in its new home. It has already made me very happy.

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Marlene said...

It is a beautiful tree and the color is fantastic.