Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Suggestions Wanted

I have a dilemma. Two months ago, I purchased this piece at an upscale shop that was closing. The cost of the items in the shop was higher than I would normally pay, but since they were selling out at discounted prices, I went in to look around. I spotted this angel ~ high on top of an old antique armoire waiting for me to come in for her. I fell in love with her immediately and paid the price with excitement.

I am not sure what she is made of. At first I thought it was wood but upon closer inspection, I think she is made of some kind of composite. The dilemma: She is seeping a very fine powder. It is only happening from her legs and one foot. I clean up the little piles of powder weekly and then it starts all over again. If this keeps up, she will be hollow someday. If nothing else, she will become fragile. Perhaps she is hollow inside and this is just some of the inside coming out? However, she feels solid and has some weight to her. I keep waiting for it to stop but it never does. Once I clean the stand, by the end of the week there are more small piles of powder.

She is made to look aged and upon close inspection, there are some tiny, tiny holes here and there. I have never seen anything do this. A few weeks ago, I put a light coat of varnish on the areas where the powder is coming out. It did not help. It is still seeping powder. Very strange.

I thought about taking her to an art museum to see if they might know why this is happening. I am open to suggestions or if someone is familiar with this, I would sure like to hear from you. She is a wonderful piece of art and I am not sorry that I purchased her. My poor angel could be disintegrating right before my eyes. Help!


hotdog1 said...

Evidently the piece is made of stone that will release its soft ingredients. A friend of mine had his pool surrounded with a stone material that did the same thing and the powder went into the pool. Buy some plaster and use a brush to slightly coat the fixture. If needed paint after to match the remainder.

audrey said...

Hi hotdog1. Thanks for your thoughts. I don't think it is heavy enough to be stone, but I might try your suggestion.

DEB said...

This is like the statues of Mary that weep! Only your angel has psoriatic arthritis.

I have no experience with this, but perhaps some of the glue that is used to make paper mache would hold the dust in place, or at least clog the holes?

Kelly Lish said...

I think it is made of wood and the holes are from some little creature eating her up. You might want to spray her with some sort of bug killer. I had that happen to a wood piece that I bought from some little import store. That should do the trick and save your darling angel.

audrey said...

Oh no, not bugs!! That possibility crossed my mind ~ I looked at her closely and I don't see any sign of bugs. I am out of town for a week - when I return I will see how much more powder is on the table under her and I suppose it wouldn't hurt to spray her just in case.
Thanks for your input, Kelly. Sometime in the future I will post how things turn out with the angel.