Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28 Birthdays

They are gone but not forgotten.
Happy Birthday Aunt Beulah and "Fisho".


readingsully2 said...

LOL, Audrey...the first thing that went through my mind it is full of drugs....LOL Maybe she is loaded and used to smuggle it in. Why else the tiny holes Could you have it analyzed?

I know I know I should be writing fiction. :)

audrey said...

OMG, Carole. The same exact thing crossed my mind. What a mess that would be. After I posted about her, I started thinking certain people might want her and try to find out where I live, and maybe I shouldn't have posted anything, etc. Talk about fiction writers ~ LOL ~ we could write the book together!!
I wouldn't have a clue where to take the powder to get it analyzed. And, of course, that would end up costing money. I think I am liking the explanation that hotdog1 wrote.