Friday, April 24, 2009

A Note to My Blog Friends

Hello friends!

I apologize for not posting much of anything recently and for not having any paintings to show you. My paints, brushes, canvas, etc. has been packed for weeks. However, I hope you have been enjoying the photographs that I have taken and posted. I certainly enjoy reading the Blogs that I visit daily. There is so much talent out there!

You will be glad to hear that the trips to VA and the packing and moaning is almost over. My time next week will be spent doing the last minute things before a big move.......packing the refrigerator and bathroom items (tedious "not fun" things), closing accounts, changing the address, trying to decide what you need to throw in a suitcase for the night, eating that last taco at a favorite restaurant, saying goodbye to the sweet little geckos, one last look at the ocean, and much more.

We are making one last trip to VA tomorrow with all my plants. I LOVE my plants. I have had some of them for many years and I don't want any harm to come to them, so I have to transport them myself. Some of them are touchy (cacti) and they lose their parts if they are bumped or jostled. Any true plant lovers out there understand.

The truck is coming to load on Monday, May 4th (39th anniversary of the KSU shootings ~ I will always remember that date ~ I was there). I don't know if I will have a chance to post anything else until after the move. Thank you for visiting my Blog and I will be posting again ASAP, so please check back.

In the meantime, enjoy the Spring sunshine and flowers, be grateful for your blessings, remember to smile, and try to hug someone everyday!



Steve Twydell said...

Hi Audrey !! My name is Steve you left a comment on my blog .... I would first like to thank you for the boost of confidence you gave me with your kind words, and secondly I would like to wish you luck on your up and coming big move.. I myself left England 10 years ago to start a new life in Ireland with my wife and 3 children at the time, I have never looked back !! and always look forward to every new day that comes.. Good luck and safe traveling ... A friend Steve.

audrey said...

Thank you, Steve, for the good wishes!