Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Beautiful Lone Wall

Downtown Charleston has an abundance of historical, vintage, architectural elements and beautiful buildings. I decided to take some time to seek out some of them. I took 221 photographs today ~ I will not be posting all of them. Each and every one is wonderful, but I will, only occasionally, share my favorites.

This lone wall, that looks like it was once part of a grand building, still stands down next to the water. What a wonderful wall ~ the window and doorway openings are still intact and it made me wonder who might have walked through that doorway, now with living green things growing there. Could this have once been someone's home? Perhaps the main building housing offices long ago? I would have liked getting closer for a better look, but it is all fenced in. Notice the spindles in the top openings. Imagine the wind blowing through them in the storms that come this way. I love that the wall has not been demolished ~ it is part of Charleston and has a beauty all its own. Sadly, I imagine someday it will disappear as there are condos being built in that area.

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