Monday, December 29, 2008


Another beautiful day is upon us.... much to do, much to see. I am still pondering my goals for this Blog so right now I will only post another meaningful thought for the day:

FUN is the most conservative element of society, and it ought to be cherished and encouraged by all lawful means. People never plot mischief when they are merry. Laughter is an enemy to malice, a foe to scandal and a friend to every virtue. It promotes good temper, enlivens the heart and brightens the intellect.

Hopefully, we will all find much laughter in our lives during the New Year and do our best to bring laughter to others. So many people are under stress during this period of economic turmoil ~ bringing a smile to their face or making them laugh even for a few minutes might help.

Telling you to have a "great" day might be expecting a lot, so do your best to have a good one!

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