Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Living the Creative Life

 Our Living the Creative Life group had the BEST time tonight at Mamma Maria's Italian Restaurant.  The food was great and we did a lot of laughing.  Our "BIRDS" themed art was fun to make and we all loved each other's art.
Tricia made a beautiful cigar box shrine.  She went with the myth that Aztec warriors who died in battle returned as hummingbirds.
Therry painted a wonderful Dodo bird.  It is said that they tasted SO good, that they were all eaten and are now extinct.
Wally painted a Simurgh - a Persian mythical bird with the head of a woman.  His beautiful gold outlines really gave the painting a rich feeling.
Audrey did a mixed media piece with several birds in the painting - the nest in the center being the focal point.
We will meet again on Wednesday, October 25th, 6:00, at Wally and Therry's.   
Our theme for October is "FISH OUT OF WATER".

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