Saturday, January 7, 2017

My friend Lulu's Son

I recently sent a package to my Canadian friend, Lulu.  There was a gift in it for her, but I also sent some books for her son who is studying to be a watchmaker.  Both of us having only one child (a son), I can relate with Lulu's great love for him.  Besides all of her wonderful posts on facebook, I enjoy her stories about him.  He reminds me so much of Casey.
This is what she posted on facebook this evening.  Her words made my heart swell.
When a FB friend that I have NEVER met in person sends me a GIFT in the mail, it makes me feel VERY special ... And it reinforces my STRONG belief that human kindness is still around and INDESTRUCTIBLE ... That connection between strangers CAN happen even though the distance between them is GRAND ! And YOU know what a BIG sucker I am for SURPRISES ! But when I receive a BOX of treats from a FB friend and half-of-it is stuffed with old WATCH books and magazines especially purchased for my SPAWN, it literally BLOWS my mind ! That someone you have NEVER hugged in your arms or seen FACE to FACE cares about MY family and its PASSIONS ... coats my HEART with honey then sends it to the ALMOST-full-MOON and back ... Audrey Gallagher Fish Pfeifer, thanks a MILLION for the GOODIES ! I just ADORE the CHICKEN print you sent me ... and my SON ... well, NO words needed HERE ! Look at HIS smile ! YOU made HIS day ! Merci, merci et merci !!! On HIS behalf and mine ! YOU are THE best !

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Diary of a Madd Weekly Painter said...

Loved this post, it's true, you can care very much for someone you have never met. Sue