Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Day in the Sky

Here we go!!  Casey is doing flight prep before we take off for Myrtle Beach to have lunch.  This is 
my first flight with son pilot ~ I am feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

 All these gadgets!!  I'm sure glad he knows what they're all for.
 I don't have pink eyeshadow on.  That is some kind of reflection.  I wasn't going to post this photo because of it, but Casey insisted I be seen in my headset!  He was very excited and happy that I agreed to fly with him.
 These are all photos I took from above ~ some on the way to Myrtle and some on the way back to Charleston.  It was overcast and the windows on the plane had some scratches and pitting that made it difficult to get real clear shots.  Being in a small plane made it quite easy to see the views. 

This is our approach to the Myrtle Beach runway.  I loved seeing all the oceanside hotels from this view.  

 Here we are in Myrtle Beach.  Hard for me to believe.
 This was our destination from the start.  When Casey was a young boy, we vacationed in Myrtle Beach every September for many years.  We always drove to Murrells Inlet to eat at one of our favorite places ~ Drunken Jack's! It still looks the same and the food was just as good. 
Many memories!!
 Trees in Murrells Inlet.
Back on the ground in Mount Pleasant.  Casey is tying down before doing his post flight check of the plane.
It has been about 20 years since I last flew (Something I am NOT fond of).  But since Casey is now a pilot, how could I turn him down?  He's been SO excited to take me up.  I must say, he is very cautious and does an extensive check of everything before taking off.  The flights were smooth and enjoyable ~ SO nice to see all around from inside a small plane.  I loved being with him today and I knew in my heart that God would watch over us.


Anonymous said...

I was excited for you as well and I knew that HE would look over you two. How very special the day turned out to be and what wonderful memories, which will remain in your heart. Thank you, Casey, for making that happen for your Mother. Love

Anonymous said...

Audrey, What an exciting day you had with your precious "SON"!!! I know God,Your Mom and Patrick all helped make this trip safe and exciting for the both of you. You are building some memories to tuck into your heart forever. Linda S .