Thursday, November 5, 2015


These bees have been busy on the honeysuckle all morning.  It is 80* outside and the sun shining on the leaves is making them shimmer with color.  It could not be a more beautiful Autumn day.  I clipped some branches and cut down a few bushes for the winter.  I have been doing a little each day.  In the past, I've tried doing it all in one day and I end up exhausted and not feeling well.  We have a large yard and there is a lot of maintenance in preparation for winter.  The body just can't keep up with what the mind wants it to do anymore.  
What a gift today is.  Just being outside walking in the yard seeing the last of the Autumn beauty makes me feel good.  The sun, every little leaf, the temperature, seeing the birds play, and having Jake by my side is a gift.

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