Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tears of Joy


Audrey and Kathy, 1953

It seems the older I get, the easier it is to cry over happy events.  Happiness and surprises brought squeals of delight and big smiles when I was younger.  Now when I am happy and something really touches my heart, the tears begin to flow.  After finding a large package in my mailbox yesterday and seeing what was inside, the tears began.
This beautiful wood carved statue of the Blessed Mother was sent to me by my very first close friend ~ my best friend through my childhood years ~ Kathleen. We lived a couple of doors away on the same street and did everything that little girls do together.
Kathleen now lives far from me in another state across the country.  Unfortunate, because I would love to give her the biggest hug right now.  Over the last few years, we have connected through facebook and recent events spurred some communication outside of facebook.  How this unexpected lovely gift touched my heart is hard for me to put into words.
Kathy, memories of our childhood together remain in my heart forever.  I am SO touched and happy to add this beautiful statue to my Blessed Mother collection.  Thank you ever so much for your kindness.  And, yes, keeping in touch sounds like a great idea to me.  


Terra said...

What a beautiful and blessed gift from your far away dear friend.

Linda Wildenstein said...

My uncle used to say that your heart gets closer to your eyes as you advance in age.......I think maybe he's right. Tears of Joy are special blessings. How very dear of your long time friend. xoxo Oma Linda