Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Walk

This afternoon we had several rain showers ~ no thunder or lightning ~ just soft beautiful rain.  I did something I've wanted to do for some time.  I went out and walked in it!  I got totally soaked and even walked through the puddles in my bare feet.  It felt SO good.  These days it seems there is always lightning with the rain and you can't walk in it.  Not so today.  I came in, took a shower, and decided it was time to share some of the photos I've taken in my yard this summer. 
All of these photos are from various flower beds in my yard.  A touch of the beach is a must for me. 
 The background piece is a headboard from an old metal single bed.  I "planted" it a good number of years ago, so it has weathered nicely.  It has been great for my climbing vinca.

I planted three different colors of honeysuckle together so they would intertwine on the trellis.  There is white, too, but not showing in this photo.
Notice St. Joseph holding the Christchild.

 This little copper hummingbird is very special.  It was a gift from my deceased sister-in-law, Joan. It has been hanging in the yard for many years and I can't help but think of her every time I see this little guy.

 This crawling greenery is a type of clematis.  It gets covered with sweet tiny flowers later in the summer.  Every summer it creeps a little further along the fence.
 This beautiful glass bird was a Christmas gift from my sister and brother-in-law.  It was hard waiting till Spring to put it in the flower bed.  I feared the glass would break in the cold weather.  He looks very happy watching over the hydrangea, and the honeysuckle is reaching out to him.

 I LOVE this old cement bench.  It is one of my favorite pieces.

Notice another old metal headboard behind the flowers.

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Jan said...

It all looks so lovely and peaceful and lush. I'd love to sit and chat with you somewhere in one of those areas. I have a little stained glass hummingbird that my mom made so many years ago, I cherish it and think of her every time I see it.