Monday, July 28, 2014

Blue Monday

Casey and Amanda went back to South Carolina yesterday after a four day visit that we packed full with eating, drinking, laughing, and visiting.  Missing them SO much already.
 We traveled to Lynchburg for the reopening of Buffalo Wild Wings ~ total new look and an addition.  It looked great and the food was very good!
 Had a really good time at Jack Brown's in downtown Roanoke.  Very good burgers and deep fried oreo cookies.  (I will have to work hard to get that cookie out of my system).  Love the old car grill being used for their beer taps
 Casey, Amanda, and I LOVE Indian food.  We ate at Nawab in downtown Roanoke.  SO good!!!
 We spent most of Saturday downtown doing some fun things.  We visited the Flower Gardens and the Butterfly Garden on the top floors of the Center in the Square.  Such fun walking among them and seeing the beauty of the butterflies and the flowers.

 Made a special stop at Appalachia Press to see one of my favorite people and to wish him a Happy Birthday!!
 VERY large Coy in the pond.  A soothing place to watch the fish and relax high above the bustle of the city.

 A wonderful view of the Taubman Museum of Art.  Easier to see the beauty of the building from above.  The views from the top of the Center in the Square were wonderful.  I only took a couple of photos.  (You don't believe that, do you?)
 Jellyfish!!  Fascinating to watch!!  There are two tanks filled with them on the main floor of the Center.
A walk past the Taubman showed us monsters on the windows.  These are monsters by Japanese artist Motomichi Nakamura who presently has a show in the museum. 
Some of the things we crammed into their four day visit.  We'll cover more territory next time they are in town.  In the meantime, I hope to plan a trip down South to visit them this Fall.

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Amanda said...

we had a fun day!! We also got great pictures!!