Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Canton's Own Alice, Patricia Gallagher
Not positive, but I believe this is 1951.  The movie, Alice in Wonderland, was premiering at the PALACE THEATRE in Canton, Ohio.  My sister, Patty, won a contest that made her Alice in Wonderland for the day.  I was only 3, so I didn't understand the excitement of her being carried around downtown Canton that day.  It had to be a thrilling experience.  If you look closely behind Patty's crown, you can see Mom in a big hat with a smile to match.  I know she had to be SO proud.
For all  my Kopka cousins, I see your Mom is in the photo, too.  Aunt Beulah was the BEST!!  Patrick and I talked of her a lot. 

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Anonymous said...

For some reason, (now I know) I felt that I should check out your blog today. Yes, that was my time for fame and all that I need. It was a memorable and happy time for my friends and I. Thanks for refreshing the pleasantness of it all. Love, your sister