Wednesday, October 9, 2013

An Unexpected Visit

The tree overlooking Patrick's grave.
The mountains just off in the distance.
The peaceful beautiful place where I go to visit Patrick.
This crusader is 12' tall cast iron and priced at $12,000.  It is at Black Dog Salvage in Roanoke, Virginia.  I have a dream to purchase it and place it on the front lawn of Central Catholic High School in Canton, Ohio, my Alma Mater (our mascot is a crusader).  This will continue to be a dream unless the lottery falls into my hands or I discover some very wealthy long long lost relative.
A close-up.
These gorgeous statues look like angels lined up.
Claw foot anyone?
On the floor at Black Dog.
Will and Audrey
My cousin, Will (lives in Ohio), picked up my sister and drove 800 (400x2) miles to come visit over the weekend.  It was a wonderful surprise.  We crammed a LOT into one day ~ Friday.  Will wanted nothing more than to visit Patrick's grave and to go visit Mom at the Care Center.
 When Will showed up in front of Mom, we all cried.  She said his name, grabbed him and hugged him.  They were both very happy to see each other.  They have always had a close relationship. 
Besides visiting Mom and Patrick ~ Will, Patty, and I had a wonderful lunch at Abuelo's Mexican Embassy compliments of Will, we visited Buy The Season where I have my consignment booths, we visited Black Dog Salvage, and we had nice long talks and laughs at home. 
It was a fun and special weekend.


DLPBR said...

I'm glad your Mom and Will were able to visit. I love Blk Dog Sal.and Buy theSeas. How would I find your booths? Ask at front Desk?

Linda Wildenstein said...

Oh your family day sounds so perfect. I'm so glad everyone got to visit. Oma Linda

Jan said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. You and your mom look great! Your cousin too, of course!