Monday, February 4, 2013

Orchids in Winter

 I know very little about Orchids.  After mine last bloomed, I moved them to the basement because they were unattractive with their roots hanging out of the pots and the tall green stems with nothing on them.  I didn't expect to bring them back upstairs until Spring.  But, the last few weeks have brought them back to life and they are beautiful.  I guess I should do some reading about Orchids.  I'm thinking they liked the cooler temperature downstairs.

The new growth on my cacti cuttings is growing rapidly every day.  I am wondering if the single cutting is going to be able to withstand the weight of all the new arms.  And, how large will the arms get?  Do I need to transplant the new growth?  It seems I also know little about cactus.  I have books that I need to dig out and do some reading.  Now that I think about it, many of my plants in the kitchen are succulents.  They do very well for me and I love watching them grow.  I better investigate into these particular cuttings as they are new to me.


Linda Wildenstein said...

That one center stalk will thicken and harden and be able to hold all those for awhile but when they get to be about 8" long...kinda pinch the ends and make them get side growth. It looks like you also have one coming up from the soil line too. Whoooo hoooo, they love you. Oma Linda

Jan said...

Do you water your orchids a lot? or not? Mine have never flowered since I got them. They live but don't flower. What am I doing wrong? Succulents and cacti I can grow.