Thursday, June 7, 2012


"This is June, the month of grass and leaves . . . already the aspens are trembling again, and a new summer is offered me.  I feel a little fluttered in my thoughts, as if I might be too late.  Each season is but an infinitesimal point.  It no sooner comes than it is gone.  It has no duration.  It simply gives a tone and hue to my thought.  Each annual phenomena is reminiscence and prompting.  Our thoughts and sentiments answer to the revolution of the seasons, as two cog-wheels fit into each other.  We are conversant with only one point of contact at a time, from which we receive a prompting and impulse and instantly pass to a new season or point of contact.  A year is made up of a certain series and number of sensations and thoughts which have their language in nature.  Now I am ice, now I am sorrel.  Each experience reduces itself to a mood of the mind."
~Henry David Thoreau, Journal, June 6, 1857
~Photo by Audrey


Deborah said...

Oh Audrey, thank you for this! When I first began reading, I hadn't caught on that is was Thoreau and my mind was thinking WOW, girl, you are GOOD!!! Was getting intimidated by you! That was beautiful and very close to my heart in this season of my life. Just as beautiful as you, my friend. **kisses** Deb

Corrine at said...

Wonderful Audrey, thanks for sharing it with us. xox

yoborobo said...

Beautiful, Audrey. :) Thanks for sharing this with us! Hope you are well, and enjoying this lovely weather. The weeds are winning here! xoxo Pam