Friday, January 20, 2012


Once again, I must apologize for being away from my Blog for so long.  January has been a hectic month and has left me with little time to myself. 
Yesterday was my 64th Birthday.  No big deal in my eyes.  I have never been one to let age stop me from feeling very much alive and filled with desire to accomplish the many goals I see for my future.  I very seldom sit still for very long as there is much to accomplish in a world that seems to be spinning faster each year.  I must say that I feel blessed that many of the friends I've come to know through blogging, though younger, could care less about age.  It pleases me, also, that a lot of bloggers are in their 60s and enjoying their creativity time and planning future events that will bring happiness into their lives and the lives of those they love.  I hope to be around for a long time and, God-willing, I plan to fulfill some of those dreams that are still floating around in my head.  Also, being the "baby" of the family always helps make me feel young. 
My sister and bother-in-law arrived a week ago from Ohio and will be with us for another week. We have been spending time visiting and running here and there. Jake keeps me very busy.  It is no joke that a puppy is much like having a baby in the home.  He requires a lot of my time and attention.  He is such a cute and good puppy, I am enjoying every minute as we form a solid bond.
My family gave me a very nice birthday ~ special gifts, a delicious cake, lunch with my husband, a little time away in the afternoon to run to some of my favorite places, a good dinner on my return, a fun and lengthy phone call from my son, and an evening of talk and laughter.  I received many beautiful birthday cards which I love and an especially sweet one from my husband.  The many wonderful birthday wishes I received on facebook and the videos and ecards received were fun and appreciated.  They all made for a fun and happy birthday.
I received one gift in the mail that I would like to share with you.  It has a special meaning to me and brought tears to my eyes when I opened it.  It is from a dear Ohio friend.  We grew up in the same neighborhood and attended the same grade school and high school.  The one thing that bound us together with many other wonderful people was our church ~ St. Paul's Catholic Church in Canton, Ohio.  St. Paul's was our foundation while growing up.  We attended Mass there every morning before going through the doors into the building that housed our school of St. Paul's. 
There are many many memories there - my baptism, first communion, confirmation, the formation of friendships that taught me the true meaning of friendship, and eight years of schooling by Nuns, Priests, and others, who helped make me who I am today.
This beautifully framed verse, with the photo of the large stained glass window that is in St. Paul's Church, touched my heart.  Susie, the sender of this special gift, knows what that church means to all of us who grew up in that neighborhood. The church was closed last year and when that last Mass ended, many pieces of broken hearts remained behind those walls and will stay there for all time.  Thank you, Susie.  I love this gift and I will cherish it always.

The verse reads:
We were the pillars that anchored you,
Yet without You, we should fall.
Our hearts forever shall remain,
In your loving arms, Saint Paul.

for Audrey
January 19, 2012


Silke said...

What a wonderful gift, Audrey! And I'm happy you had such a good birthday!! If you are like me, your birthday is probably not quite over yet... ;-) Wishing you a wonderful year ahead and that all of your dreams may come true! Love, Silke

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Lady!
Stay Warm.....

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Oh Happy Birthday Audrey. Love the hearts on the cake. Enjoy the family visit. I agree, age means nothing these days....xox Corrine

illustration poetry said...

Happy birthday dearest FF!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...


Terra said...

Happy birthday Audrey. The words about your church are touching, especially since the building closed and "pieces of broken hearts remained." Changes just keep on coming, don't they?

Georgina said...

Just lovely, Audrey!! Wonderful gift! I'm nearing my 60th in a couple of weeks, and like you, no biggie...even though I feel it every time I get on that treadmill at the gym!! LOL I look at those sweet, young thangs and say, "take a look, honey, this is you in 40 years!!" LOLOLOL They should be so lucky!! Or shall I say, these youngsters should be so lucky to have a great attitude as we have!! LOL

Well, continue having a great weekend and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


PeregrineBlue said...

Happy Birthday my friend. You look terrific!

yoborobo said...

Hi Audrey! Can I have some of that cake? :)) I'm glad you had a good day, and you look absolutely beautiful! Here's to a wonderful year! xox

Gail H. Ragsdale said...

Happy belated birthday Audrey!

vicki said...

Audrey -
What a beautiful post - how wonderful to see your celebrating and so appreciative of your life. You are an inspiration to me -

What a beautiful picture of you - I love this so much. Happy Birthday (belated - I'm sorry!)- but then I think you should celebrate every day - because every day IS a gift~~


Ces said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I missed this. I was buried in nuts. :)