Thursday, December 29, 2011

"I'm not really sad.  This is my normal look.  It's pretty great because it melts Audrey's heart and she spoils me all the time."

If Jake could talk, I'm sure he might say those words.  He has grown a little, but is still just as cute as ever.  I have to admit he has stolen our hearts forever.
He was the perfect Christmas gift for us to give each other.  Although, the timing wasn't all that good.  The entire month of December has been pretty hectic.  Mom began Physical Therapy this month for her spinal stenosis which has been giving her unbelievable pain.  So, I have to leave to take her several times a week. Jake does not like to be alone and I don't know for sure if it is harder on him or me when I leave.
In the wee hours of Christmas morning, I woke not feeling well.  By mid morning, it was obvious I had the flu.  Having spent the entire day and night in bed sicker than I can remember being for a long time, dear Terry tended to Jake the entire time and sweet Mom (in spite of her pain) managed to put food on the table for she and Terry.  The Christmas dinner I had planned was not to be.
Tuesday night, Mom became ill with the flu. I was up most of the night with her, so I may have set myself back a little.  I am feeling better, but still dragging some and I don't have much of an appetite.  Mom is feeling better today.  Terry has been fighting it, as well, but thankfully he didn't get it as bad as I did.  So, poor little Jake would have been up a creek if we had both been bed bound.
Since December was such a busy and crazy month, I didn't get my Christmas cards done this year. I felt very bad about that because it is the one contact I have with some people.  I decided that I would do New Year's cards instead. Well, the flu pretty much squashed that plan. 
So, December is going out with a bang and a New Year will be upon us shortly.  I look forward to a new and better year in which I hope to make more creative time and write more Blog posts.  2011 was not the best year ~ many challenges and losses ~ but as long as I have my health, my family, and my friends, I am grateful to be alive and that is a beautiful thing.  I've met more wonderful friends this year through facebook and blogging ~ I hope to get to know them better in 2012 and share much artistic happiness.
I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions.  They usually go by the wayside with most people.  I only have one goal for the new year ~ MAKE MORE TIME FOR ART!!!  That's the plan.  If it works, you'll see more posts with finished art work instead of so many works in progress that just don't seem to get finished.  I hope to open my etsy shop in the new year, as well.
Well, if nothing else, this "not feeling so good" gave me time to sit down and write this post.  Jake is squeaking ~ I must go see what he needs.  (:
♥ audrey


pinkglitterfae said...

oh no Audrey, you poor thing! what a lousy time for the flu to show up, right on Christmas! oh well, at least now you have immunity, so hopefully won't get sick the rest of the season.
That pup's eyes could melt any heart, lol! so glad you have Jake in your lives. Hope your mom is feeling better too
blessings for a lovely 2012!

Amanda said...

well, i will love to see what you do this year, had a short, but sweet visit and can't wait to sdventure out to our favorite hot spots...and i can't wait to see Jake <3

Jan said...

Sorry your family has the stinkin' flu! Hope you can recover quickly. I always feel especially badly for your Mom, her reserves must be low after all these problems.

At least you have little Jake to help cheer you up! What an adorable little mite he is! Walk him for me, would you? :-)

I'll be keeping tabs, waiting to see some art coming from you this year. I'll be cracking the whip on myself too!

Silke said...

Oh, Audrey, Jake is the CUTEST ever!! No wonder you are in love with him already!! Although your Christmas (and December) sounded not so good. I'm glad you are all feeling better and hope you'll just take it easy until you feel all better again!! More art - that's what I want to do as well... Sending much love and joy for the new year!! Love, Silke

Tournesol said...

What a cutie! Happy New Year