Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anniversary Celebration Treats

Last evening, we went to Carrabba's for our anniversary dinner. It is one of our favorite restaurants. We always have a very good meal when dining at Carrabba's and I enjoy the atmosphere. We usually sit in the back where there is a high bar area facing the kitchen ~ we thoroughly enjoy watching the meals being prepared and conversing with the cooks. Last night we chose to sit in a booth to enjoy some time concentrating on each other. Along with a wonderful meal, I enjoyed a Blackberry Sangria. Oh, SO good!! The manager treated us to a dessert that they just rolled out a few days ago ~ Berry Cristata!! DELICIOUS!!!! It was outstanding! Pastry filled with mixed berries ~ ice cream on top. It's a large dessert ~ one was plenty for the two of us. I highly recommend it.

I couldn't get a good shot of the dessert because it was dark and it was too close, so I asked Terry to hold it down on the seat. I was still having trouble getting the camera to focus ~ he said "I am not going to put this dish down on the floor so you can get a picture of our dessert." LOL! I finally did get the camera to cooperate. I guess you have to be a photographer to understand that ANYTHING GOES to get a good shot!!

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Terra said...

You are dedicated to your photography and to us, your blog friends, which is clear when you went to great lengths to get us a pretty photo of the dessert. That sounds like a delicious meal.