Monday, September 27, 2010

Eeek !!

Hello Friends.
I've been off blog for several days. My dear brother, Patrick, is here from Texas and I've been spending a lot of time with him.
I did manage to finish my "Eeek" block. Would you believe I had planned to make a bunch of these for Halloween to sell in my consignment shop? I guess I should have started back in January. Those are tiny little seed beeds and I glued each one on that block of wood (there are a couple of rhinestones on there as well). You can get a better look at it if you click on the photo and enlarge it. It seems crazy, but when I took the time to work on this, I found it to be relaxing and rewarding. Unfortunately, there will be no more "Eeek" blocks ~ no time. I plan to make a run to Ohio on a buying trip for a few items for the Holidays. I think I better start preparing for Halloween 2011 as soon as January gets here!!
We finally got our much needed rain. It has been raining non-stop for 24 hours now ~ a nice gentle rain that is making every living thing happy and green! The temperature dropped some, too, and that has made me very very happy.
♥ audrey


yoborobo said...

I love your EEEEK block! And I know exactly how you feel about starting in January for next Halloween. Maybe we should be starting now for Easter! haha! And we are getting rain, too, and lovely low temps and I could not be happier about it. Enjoy your bro and this lovely time of year! xox!! Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Audrey, I think that is what has kept me from doing to sell--I have to start in a season when it isn't even CLOSE! (or in my case, two years ahead, stockpile, and then it will all be out of fashion.....)
There is a double stick medium you can get through Fire Mountian Gems (get their catalog, and they are online) made for beads. You just cut it to shape, throw the beads on and Bingo-Bango--you're done!
EEEK!!!! Too easy.....


Marlene said...

Very cool EEEK block. I don't think I would have the patience to glue each of those tiny beads down. Good luck with getting ready for any holiday, I don't even try anymore as they just come up too quickly for me.

Deborah said...

Oh I LOVE love!!! I learned when the children were small that I had to have the costumes finished by September...time just speeds by. I find that right after Christmas is when I am still in the mood to make Christmas things. Weird. **kisses** Deb

Linda in New Mexico said...

So glad you bro is visiting. I hope he is doing well.
I love the EEK..lots of work but it is sooooooooooo cute.
The Olde Bagg

Jan said...

SweeeK, very cute Audrey. Maybe next year you can make more. The little mousie on top is kinda cute too. Nice work!

Amanda said...

my favorite time of year is coming!! what a "neeek" ( i stole the pun from jan :) thing!! you know how much santa want's to leave one under my tree....ugh emh, ugh emh!! i mean i love it!! miss you :)