Friday, August 23, 2019

Living the Creative Life

 Therry ~ Mixed media painting of "Jessye Norman, Opera Singer

Our Living the Creative Life group met at Amanda Cockrell's last evening where we enjoyed Amanda's hospitality, her interesting and amazing home decor, dinner, and then shared several pieces of art we've each been working on.

Wally ~ Prayer flags on canvas.
 Wally ~ Prayer flags on canvas.
 Wally ~ Prayer flag on canvas.
 Wally ~ Scratch art experiment with 6 layers.
 Margo ~ Scratch art done on an old computer screen panel.
 Margo ~ Cat scratch art.
 Margo ~ A painting of her dog.
 Amanda ~ Crewel work that she designed herself on a large piece of linen.  A project that may take quite a few evenings of relaxing needle work.

 Amanda ~ A closer look at her crewel work of sweet little creatures.
 Audrey ~ "Best Friends" ~ Mixed media piece just finished.
 Audrey ~ "Loving the Bees" ~ A mixed media piece.  Still want to add honeycomb at the top and other details.
Toby ~ Main Attraction ♥

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