Wednesday, May 5, 2021


Random photos from Wednesday's adventures.
A stop at the airport.
Back over the Ravenel Bridge into Charleston.
Sweet Charleston Horse.
Hello Froggy!  A different bigger frog today!!
Flounder sandwich for dinner here.
Drinks and laughter here this evening.
Pretty sunset over Shem Creek.

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


Casey and I had a late lunch on Daniel Island at ALIBABA ~ excellent Mediterranean food.  Beautiful area.

My Trio Salad.  Delicious!
Wall Mural.

Rebel Taqueria

We had dinner here last night.  Really really good tacos!

51 Years

KSU - May 4, 1970
51 years and I still remember every minute like it was yesterday.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Isle of Palms

At Isle of Palms this morning - Casey ran on the beach. I walked the beach and took a few photos. It was a little overcast, but wonderful to see that big magical ocean again.

South Carolina Green

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Downtown Charleston

Charleston Harbor

A little taste of our day in downtown Charleston.

Statue of Liberty wearing her required mask.
Large Copper Frog wearing his required mask.
Charleston Touring Horse.
Iced Coffee.
 St. Phillips ~ founded in 1681.
Tommy Condon Irish Pub window.
Bohemian Bull ~ where we ate brunch.

Ravenel Bridge

Looking up at the Ravenel Bridge through the sun roof.


I am back in paradise!  View from my SC bedroom window. 😊

Slap Happy

I was a little "slap happy" by 11:00 pm last night in the grocery store ~ trying on July 4th hats!

Taco Boy

Of course we spent my first evening here at TACO BOY!! SO great to enjoy the food and conversation!