Saturday, June 29, 2013

An Afternoon With John Bramblitt

 This painting of Marilyn Monroe is one of John Bramblitt's latest paintings.  He brought it to Virginia along with the three below to show examples of his work.

 Meet John Bramblitt.  He is an epileptic.  He is blind.  He is a painter and a writer.  He is a man filled with the joy of life and a passion for painting.  He travels the country telling his story and he paints daily.  John's story is an amazing one and I feel blessed to have spent some time with him.
 This is Echo, John's guide dog.  I wonder who loves who more.
 The group that showed up yesterday to meet John, listen to his story, and take part in a little painting workshop. 
 John explaining and demonstrating how he mixes paint and how he knows the colors.
 John Bramblitt ~ a new friend.  He is an inspiration and I intend to keep in touch.

John lives in Denton, Texas.  He is married and has one child.  John lost his sight after a series of severe epileptic seizures.  He picked up a paintbrush in 2001, and the rest is history.   You can Google John to find information about him and there are many videos on YouTube.  I purchased his book ~  Shouting in the Dark ~ and can't wait to read it.

Thank you, Jane, of Barefoot Studios, LLC, for your part in sharing John with the people of Roanoke  It was joyful to have him here and I think everyone would agree that he made the day an exceptional one.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

 "Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely.  Light and color, peace, and hope, will keep them company to the end of the day."
Winston Churchill
Thank you, Steven DaLuz, for sharing.  I love this quote.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

God's Creatures

 Sometimes many weeks go by before I see any creatures.  The week before I went to Ohio was a week filled with pleasant surprises.  Not only did I see a few... they gave me enough time to take some decent photos of them.  I seldom can get close enough to get good shots of the deer.

 This little one was in a hurry to get somewhere.
 I do see groundhogs often but they scurry off into the high grass before I can even think about reaching for my camera.  I see this groundhog almost every time I go to visit Mom.  He lives on the hill going up to the Rehab/Care Center and he must be used to the traffic because he stayed still long enough for me to snap several photos and then he went on with his business.

 These beautiful finches live in a very pretty cage in the Rehab Center.  There are many more, but these two were the only ones feeling liking posing.
This little guy is my favorite creature in the whole world.  My sweet Jake!  I thank God every day for bringing Jake into my life.  We take him to see Mom once in a while on the weekend.  I'm not sure who is happier to see who.  Her face lights up when she spots him and he jumps on her lap and kisses her face over and over.  She asks about Jake every time I visit her.  Yesterday, out of the blue, she said "I love him".   

Monday, June 24, 2013

June Super Moon

Oh, that moon.  She's a beauty!!!!
 Last evening as I was getting close to the Roanoke area on my return from Ohio.
 Late last night.
Tonight's Super Moon.

Friday, June 21, 2013

I brought my sister back home to Ohio on Tuesday and I've stayed for a few days to visit a few of my favorite places and a few of my closest friends.  As much as I love being here, I am missing Jake and Mr. Magic and wondering how Mom is doing without my visits.  I will be returning to Virginia this weekend and I will try to post something very soon ~ I have many photos and stories to share with you.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Buried Treasure

I am participating in Seth Apter's BURIED TREASURE Online Collaboration.  He has asked us to post one of our favorite blog posts from the past and he will post the links on his blog on Wednesday, June 12.  Once you go to Seth's Blog, The Altered Page, you can click on any of the links and do some blog hopping.  There should be some very interesting "buried treasure".  The post I chose is definitely one of my favorites ~ Kisses for Grammy.  It is not an old one ~ it is from March 26 of this year.  My dear Mom had a stroke in April and is in a nursing home right now.  I miss her being home SO much and she misses her daily time with Jake.  I think this post is fitting for my BURIED TREASURE post.  

Kisses for Grammy                           March 26, 2013

These photos were taken yesterday afternoon, but they are typical of what happens just about every day.  Mom and Jake have a special bond of love.
 Oh!  What does Grammy have on that plate up there?
 I think I'll jump up there and join her ~ get a closer look.
 Ooooh, Grammy, that cake looks really really good.  Are you going to share?
 You will.  I know you will.  I can wait.
 Here it comes.  She's going to give me a bite.  She always does.
 That was SO good.  Thank you Grammy.  I love you.
 I should give you kisses.  I like to give you kisses.
Kisses for you, Grammy.  Lots and lots of kisses!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Dear Patrick

Patrick and Mom

Today is Patrick's birthday.  It is our 3rd year without him.  He would have been 70 today and he would NOT have wanted to celebrate ~ he was not a fan of getting older.  I would have celebrated and I would have forced him to acknowledge the day.  We would have bantered back and forth and there would have been laughter.  When we talked, there was almost  always laughter involved. 
Such as it is, I choose to think about those happy birthdays and all the laughter.  Wow, we could really make each other laugh.
I miss you so much, Patrick.  There is a big hole in my life where you once fit.  But, life goes on and I know you would want me to be happy and to remember all the great times we shared.  I do remember ~ I always will.  I thank God for the time I had with you.  You were the BEST brother!!
Happy Birthday, Patrick!!! 70 is a very good number!